Wedding Planning Episode 9: Sweet Seduction on the Wedding Day – The Best Addresses for Wedding Stalls

A big highlight of each wedding is the cutting of the cake. Whoever has the hand up, such a wisdom, sets the tone in marriage. Since all eyes are focused on the sweet masterpiece, the choice of the deliciousness is not so simple. It should look beautiful, fit on the subject, be large enough to satisfy all the guests and taste naturally. For this task it is necessary to have experience and good advice in order to meet the wishes and expectations of the bride and groom.

Wedding Planning Episode 9 Sweet Seduction on the Wedding Day - The Best Addresses for Wedding Stalls

In Cologne there is an address that comes directly into my head with this theme: “Madame Miamiam” in the Belgisches Viertel. Sounds simply delicious! I have often walked past the shop window of the little shop, admiring the sweet, mostly multi-storey masterpieces, and, if the request were not to be expected, I was determined to celebrate a feast in the near future. What I have already tested are vanilla cream and chocolate-baisers – hmm! They are as delicious as they look – just a dream.
The Cologne Coffee Pascher is a little more traditional but no less tasty. The pastry shop has been part of the Cologne-Lindenthal district for decades and offers, besides all sorts of sweet delicacies, a cozy place to eat. The café, which is connected to the pastry shop, is also ideal for breakfast during the weekend, and not only offers couples who are willing to marry the opportunity to taste the wide range.
In Dusseldorf, we recently discovered the “Genusswerkstatt”. In a nice atmosphere you can learn how to bake cupcakes and cupcakes. The small treats are baked and decorated according to your wishes. For those who do not celebrate a big party, there is the connected café where you can enjoy the delicacies. Definitely worth a visit!
In Berlin “Luca de Lux” is waiting for your visit. The small patisserie specializes in the production of cakes. Your wishes regarding the color scheme, the decoration and, of course, the taste are individually discussed and implemented according to your dreams. These professionals have already made a lot of bridal couples including their guests very happy.
The tarts of “Frau Behrens” simply taste to the kneeling. The tasting can be done in the small, cozy café of the bakery. The patient patisserie experts take a lot of time to discuss every detail exactly – I have the feeling to be really well cared for there.
“Naschwerk & Co” has made a name for itself in the Stuttgart environment and is known for the loving preparation and the unique decoration of its baked goods. Here the bride and groom can count on the selection of the right cake with much support. The owner wants to fulfill the dream of every customer. Before everything is right, you will not be released again.
Also in the Stuttgart area you will find “Sweet & Salty”, which really make every conceivable kind of cakes. Whether modern, classic or original – here is everything the wedding world has to offer. Of course, the baking not only look great, but also taste phenomenal.
“We make Cupcakes!” Has turned into one of the top addresses among the mouth-blowers in Munich. We already know the great, imaginative cupcake variations on special occasions, such as Mother’s Day. Of course, the back-experts have the right thing for the day in white. How about a combination of wonderfully decorated cupcakes for the guests and a gate cake for the bridal couple? Purely optically, I am more than enthusiastic about the idea. In addition to the wedding cupcakes there are, of course, exclusive cakes with the usual extraordinary and filigree decor.
Also at “johannatorten” in Munich we have seen sweet works of art, which are so beautiful that the cutting is hardly over the heart. The special feature here is that all ingredients are strictly tested and can be decorated with the organic seal. Also for allergy sufferers and vegans, Johanna conjures a tolerable wedding stale dream, which tastes great.
You still have not enough of the sweet seductions? An alternative or complementary idea for the wedding cake are “Candy Tables” (for example, over Candy Bar ), which are very popular. Especially sweethearts and lovers of sweets and “mixed bags” are great fans of the tasty decoration. For a fixed price per guest you get a table full of sweets artfully matched to your motto and color scheme. The assortment ranges from printed smarties to colorful cupcakes, raspberry sweets or a gummy bear cake – the children will love! For decoration purposes, the Candy Table is worth considering. We would say … complementary to the cake!
Whom the water has now sprung up in the mouth, can go on the shortest route to our suggested pie artists. Here we have all addresses for you:
Madame Miammiam
Antwerp Street 39
50672 Cologne, Germany
Coffee Pascher
Copy to Clipboard
50931 Cologne, Germany
Dusseldorf enjoyment workshop
Furstenwall 61 / corner of Friedenstrae
40219 Düsseldorf, Germany
We make cupcakes
Utzschneiderstr. 12
80469 Munich, Germany
80337 Munich, Germany
Luca de luxe
Palatinate Street 5
10719 Berlin, Germany
Mrs. Behrens Torten
Wilmersdorfer Strae 96-97
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Naschwerk & Co.
Enzweihinger Str
71665 Vaihingen / EnzI
Sweet & Salty
Breitenlauchstr. 15
73079 Sweeten