Suggestions of Costumes for the Marriage of Rose & Born

The site of the Rose & Born always has good suggestions for costumes for specific occasions, including already talked about options for the groom in another post, but the designer Swedish was surprised in your last editorial where it says looks simple and functional for those who are invited a wedding ceremony, going in the opposite direction of the personal who think the event is an opportunity to leave the traditional side.

Suggestions of Costumes for the Marriage of Rose &amp Born

See below the combinations suggested, always with some detail to get the look of the common place:

The basic, but not both

Needless to say, how useful is a custom marine, especially if you don’t have many costumes of this type and want something that will serve for any occasion, but a festive event, a detail more cheerful is always welcome! The suggestion here is to switch the manjada plain tie or striped for a in paisley, or in default Liberty, the small floral English that gives a special charm to the visual feast.


Double-breasted to party

The coat double-brested returned to receive attention outside of Brazil, here still rehearses tentatively her return to the spotlight, but what nobody can deny is that the piece has a classical charm that goes down very well in some people. Your air can seriously be broken with add-ons more festive, such as a tie clear and a scarf in the same tone in poa.


Casual elegant

To his joy, the newlyweds have released the casual attire, but that does not mean dress up jeans, beat-up and wear a shirt outside of the pants, the change in the dress code only gives more freedom to impose personality to the look. If you want to be practical, you can pick up the jacket of his suit marine, add a chino brown to give contrast and a shirt with a monochrome pattern, but that has its personality. Not to weigh in the hand use a plain tie in the same tone of the shirt and leave only the scarf to give a touch more.


Party under the open sky

The one expected party during the day in a countryside setting or even in a beach house asks for a visual light and fresh. A suit of course (may be beige or off white) with a shirt in pastel make a great combo for the occasion.


Smoking marine

If the party requires a tuxedo, but the bride and groom are not conservative, it is possible to exit outside of the traditional black and opt for a costume of navy blue, it is as stylish as, but at the same time different. A jacket of a single button, such as the one in the picture, it is also a great way to innovate without overdoing it, because it brings a touch of modernity without influencing the style of the outfit.



You just see 5 ways to dress for a wedding party without having to juggle to wear an outfit stylish and elegant, so before you think about things very far-fetched and that they run the risk of not impressing people as you hoped, opt for simplicity.