“Not Going To Be…” 10 Beliefs around Weddings

We will not believe in them, but it is difficult to give up the temptation to follow. In addition, some have become traditions pretty and pleasant.

Not Going To Be... 10 Beliefs around Weddings

I don’t consider myself superstitious, but it is true that when important events approach I tend to follow the traditions because of the “not to be”. For example, dowhy not nail on Earth a knife with wooden handle to avoid rain during that event outdoors? If you do that for a simple meal, what do not you would do to avoid bad luck on your wedding day?

There are many beliefs around this important ritual, but where they are and what they really mean? We gave the task of investigating what’s behind these traditions and superstitions.


Surely you’ve heard that is bad luck that the boyfriend see the dress of the bride before the wedding. But not only that; also say that it is terrible that know, even, of how it is. If you doubt them, better do not tell you nothing.

The League

The tradition of throwing the League was born in France more or less in the 15th century. Some say that initially do not cast, but the bride was pursued by the guests, who were trying to remove it, because it was thought that this was good luck.

The Veil

According to the traditions, the bride must protect the face to avoid the envy and the evil eye.

Currency Sewn On The Hem Of The Gown

In some places it is customary to ask the designer to do this to attract the economic bonanza.


Do not use or necklaces and Pearl Earrings, since supposedly symbolizes the tears that you derramarás in your marriage.

Something Old, Something New, Something Used And Something Blue

This is more customary in the United States, although it has also been in some couples in Mexico. The old symbolizes the connection of the bride with his past; again, their hopes of starting a new life; lent, friendship, and the blue, loyalty. You don’t look in the mirror once arranged. Apparently, if your image is projected before being married, the gods can be to question your right to marry.

Cans Or Bells Attached To The Car Of The Newlyweds

This is done with the purpose of scaring noise to evil spirits.

“On Tuesday Ni Te Cases Ni Shipments You”

Mars was the God of war for the ancient Romans, and from that time it was thought thatmarriage that day of the week would bring misfortune to the bride and groom.

The Tie Of The Groom

Watch out! They say that if the groom tie is crooked the day of the ceremony, will be unfaithful.Sounds silly, but… better, right?

Throw Rice At The Bride And Groom

This tradition, born in the middle ages, symbolizes the desire that the bride and groom have many children. In the past, for the same reason used to throw grains of wheat. Now, instead of food grains rose petals are shed.

No Te Cases In January

According to this, those who do it may have economic problems along throughout their marriage.

Of course, the success or failure of a couple does not depend on any of these traditions, but it is better to remove any shred of doubt, don’t you think? Cautious bridal vale for two…