Cristina Tamborero: Never to Wedding Guests Had Gone So Elegant (And Simple)

This past Friday I could see first hand the collection of signed wedding and party Cristina Tamborero (step saying I know since its inception and it is worth having it in mind) in the Hotel Barcelona Reinaissance. What say? Many times when we speak of presentations by young designers, the proposed models are bizarre and little wearable, but when we talk about this girl, the proposals are elegant, Classic and modern At the same time.

But as a few months ago I already presented its collection of brides, today I emphasize in their party collection (it goes great for this time of weddings coming crashing down.) My favorite? It is undoubtedly this Red with cuts in the skirt, asymmetrical neckline and Golden belt. Can it be more spectacular?

But as for tastes the colors, a elegant combination of Midnight Blue and black is presented in this other much more sober dress. The neckline in the back, as well as skirt XXL makes it perfect for a wedding night.

Although if you dare with the light colors, East silver and rhinestone body can get your attention. What I like most of his proposals is the variety among all its models. Yes, the collection is small but complete.

Dare with a monkey?

But you know, every time you are more that urge you to go to Weddings with monkeys long (the idea love even if you’ve never implemented it). Of long sleeve back full of buttons, sleeveless or with the backless, These two models in red caught the attention of the present.

Stay with the name: Cristina Tamborero.