Can’t Find Shop for Wedding Dresses? Sayan Is The Solution (Now with Shop in Madrid!)

Is official, the arrival of the Spring He announced the beginning of weddings, communions and other acts in which one has of go well dressed. But where to go? Always the same thing happens to me, I leave it to the last moment and to view a fortnight I realize that I do not know where to go or what to wear. For weddings that are not very important I just repeating those dress I have in the closet, but when someone important is married… Ahhh! The thing changes. And it is that you to the wedding of my best friend, My sister or sister-in-law (if you have) I would like to go spectacular. And it is here where Sayan.

A Spanish firm of wedding dresses What are spectacular, with many proposals and models to choose. In Barcelona a few years ago that we can closer to your shop and prove their models, but barely two weeks ago opened new shop in Madrid. Taran! Do not you know? Here is a place where you can go when your heads alarms they begin to sound and desperation lurks just around the corner for not having dress in hand.

Are obviously not proposed low-cost, but worth. And it is that for a sister or best friend, if time permits, it is worth spend a little bit more. But watch out! Not talk about figures grossly faces: a dress of silk with applications can exit us environment 200 euros to 600 euros.

Among his proposals

Dresses long and short, of asymmetrical necklines, with Rhinestones and colorful body. There’s so much where which in the end always pick just finding the model which most goes with your personality. Perhaps your variety of proposals It’s what I like about this place…