11 Days until the Wedding: Jessi {Bride 2015}

What makes our bridal 2015, just before the great knot? Hyperventilating? Kundalini Yoga? Race with the ‘ to do ‘ list?

11 Days until the Wedding Jessi {Bride 2015}

Love Jessi, how is the situation? Are you relaxed?

Yeah… Actually, Yes. Everything is going. I have now but not so much time. Must run a still my new shoes, I’ll be wearing to the wedding dress.

Okay, very briefly – what’s going through your mind, now shortly before your wedding?

I wonder lately, what will change after that. In our relationship, my feeling. And a little bit, I’m afraid to fall when the big party is over and the preparation stress in everyday life leaves a hole in a deep hole. I as a wife – I can somehow still don’t really imagine that!

Your thoughts but have it in themselves. We thought it’s now only about the matching color of your eyeshadow…

Are you mad – Mac Crystal Avalanche. It is clear for months.

Oh. Well, so what’s the time after the wedding, because we can tell you from experience: change not much actually does. Look forward to the mixture of incredible happiness and tender melancholy in the morning after the wedding. Enjoying it to say “my husband” as often as possible and to feel connected with him in somehow deeper than before. (I loved ones still today, almost two years after the wedding, saved under “my man” in the iPhone. And every time he calls… Hach.)

Hmm. Actually quite nice great sound for “not much”.

That’s love Jessi’s also! Now we push you all just think of you at the final sprint until the 20th of June and wish for your big day as much love as fits into the plane to Mallorca and a wedding that is so incredibly gorgeous that you and your Marc have still have tears in my eyes, if both of you, h√§ndchenhaltend on your veranda , with 92 it thinks back.

You guys still wishes or good tips for our Jessi?

We will of course report from the event of the year 2015 – and we will again ask Jessi now so like her, in the Club of the wives…